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May Lunch-N-Learn: Talking with Teens About Sexting

As the online teenage landscape rapidly changes, the term “sexting” has become ambiguous and has come to mean different things to students and to educators. Join us as we define sexting and discuss prevention and intervention tactics.


Communicating in Unreasonable Times: Responding to Parent/Caregiver Concerns Regarding Sex Ed

Lauren Barineau

This two-day training will highlight key strategies to effectively respond to and communicate with parents/caregivers regarding sex education. This essential skills training will prioritize a transfer of content on day one and an opportunity to practice with low stakes virtual professional development software on day two. Practicing with the full support of a content expert will allow attendees the ability to practice the skills as they make progress on communicating in difficult times.


Let’s Talk About Sex…Education! Educator Peer Learning

Cardea Training Center
Join us to share your sexual health education successes lessons learned and to hear from your colleagues about what has worked well and what they have learned teaching sexual health education this year.

North Carolina Sexual Health Conference

Promoting interdisciplinary coordination among members of advocacy, clinical care, education, human/social services and research, to share innovative approaches, best practices and practical applications for the enhancement of sexual health across the lifespan in North Carolina.

NC SEXCON is targeted towards individuals working in and across the sexual health field, including clinical care, education, reproductive health and justice, HIV/ STDs, LGBTQ healthcare, advocacy, policy development, and overall sexuality from birth to death. $425

Contraception What’s New, What’s the Same, and How to Help People Decide What’s Best for Them

Evelyn Resh
Contraceptive methods fall into two categories: hormonal and non-hormonal. Sex educators who are fully informed about the mechanism of action for pregnancy prevention of all method are best poised to help people decide what would be best for them to use to prevent an unintended pregnancy. This course will up-date participants on all available methods and their side-effects profile.


Call for Proposals: NSEC 2023

National Sex Ed Conference
Please fill out the information below to submit a webinar or in-person workshop proposal for the 2023 National Sex Ed Conference. If you have any questions or for support in filling out the form, please contact
Submissions are due by May 15, 2023.

AASECT Virtual Conference

Get the latest information relating to sex counseling, therapy, education, and more! Virtual and in-person portions of the program will maximize collaboration and new connections.

Training for Educators

Advocates for Youth - Brittany McBride
This training is appropriate for educators who are looking to enhance their sexual educator skills. $150
Educator trainings consist of three, 90-minute training sessions that cover the following topics:
Creating a safe learning environment
Answering sensitive questions
Boundaries & self-disclosure
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Experiential Learning Cycle
Connecting home: Communicating with caregivers

Stacking the Deck: Using Games in Sex Ed

Kelly Jean Gainor
Using games to teach sensitive content is nothing new, every sex educator has a few in their bag of tricks! But games can be used for so much more than just increasing participation, including developing rapport, increasing comfort, and decreasing stigma. Join us to learn more about the best (and most fun) ways to use games in your classroom. $30

Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day

If you identify as panromantic or pansexual – enjoy the 24th of May. If you know someone who does, let them know you’re thinking of them. Validation and acceptance makes the human experience all that more wonderous. If you neither identify or know someone – but you’ve learned something new about the wonderful variety that human beings come in, share on social media, have a conversation, do some reading. The more connected we are, the happier we are.

R.I.S.E. Celebrating Youth Expertise & Advocacy

In this session Steph offers a historical timeline of youth-driven disruptions, organizations and movement spaces, while offering space to unpack our learned adultism/authority complex over young people. $44.44