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Dear Sex Education Champion:

Thanks to the help of generous donors, Partners in Sex Education is one of the most recognized names in sex ed in Massachusetts and beyond. We are currently supporting sexual health education in K-12 by supporting school districts with curriculum development, teacher training, and advocacy.

Many states, including Massachusetts, do not require schools to provide sex education. Because of this many young people are not getting the education necessary to help them grow safely into sexually healthy adults. This year we have supported districts across Massachusetts and Virginia to to provide the best possible programming for their students. We have presented at 3 conferences and countless health education meetings. To be able to support even more districts, we need your help!


Partners in Sex Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit – all donations are tax deductible. Furthermore, because we have so little overhead, all money received goes directly to an educator for services. No dollar is wasted! Your support today allows us to continue the work we are doing, and helps us expand to reach more young people. We are profoundly grateful for your continued support.

Please help support programming for your town, district, state. Your donation will be used to subsidize professional development to teachers to improve their sex education practices. Please help us connect with more schools by going to the link below and donating what you can. With quality sex education under attack all across this country, we can’t afford to stop now.

We need your support!

If you would prefer to donate by check, the address for donations is:

Partners in Sex Education
P.O. Box 95134
Newton, MA  02495

please specify "Partners in Sex Education" on the check