K-12 Sex Education

All students have a right to age-appropriate information about their bodies, about healthy and unhealthy relationships, about reproduction, and about how to keep themselves safe.

Partners in Sex Education provides sex education for 4th-12th grade. Walk the Talk and Transitions for Middle School are 5-session programs that combine skill-building activities with medically accurate information about sexual health to promote effective communication and responsible decision making in relationships. They are excellent enhancements to a health education curriculum.


Partners in Sex Education provides...

Presentations that contain factual, up-to-date and age-appropriate information.

Presentations created to fit the needs of each community.

Lessons that are interactive and reflect national sex education standards.

Trained educators who empower youth to make informed and healthy life choices.

By introducing relationships and sexuality in the classroom and by offering homework these conversations can be continued at home. Parents and caregivers can choose this as an opportunity to jumpstart discussions of their family’s values about sexuality and relationships.

Transitions for Middle School:

  • Parent and Staff Meeting: Learning with Our Youth
  • Lesson One: Boundaries/Consent in Healthy Relationships
  • Lesson Two: Sex, Gender, Orientation
  • Lesson Three: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Lesson Four: Puberty (6th/7th grade) or Abstinence and Protection Methods (7th/8th grade)
  • Lesson Five: Media and Messages

Walk the Talk for High School:

  • Lesson One: Consent as a Foundation for Healthy Relationships and Communication
  • Lesson Two: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Lesson Three: Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Lesson Four: Protection Methods
  • Lesson Five: Relationships and Communication

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