Resources for Parents

We know that these conversations can be challenging. Get support here!

We’re so glad to hear you want to speak up for quality sexuality & relationships education at a public meeting! EducateUS provides this quickstart guide for parents and caregivers on speaking at school board meetings, public hearings, and more.

Talk More is an organization focused on providing resources to families and other trusted adults to support their ability to have positive and proactive conversations about healthy sexuality throughout childhood in age-appropriate ways. Visit Talk More to download our Parent Planners, join a Caregiver Workshop, or request specific support in program development or training

Outspoken Sex Ed. Getting parents talking openly about sex, bodies, consent and relationships. Tips by topic and by age, resources, games and much more to help parents and caregivers gain comfort in answering all of their young people's questions.

Sex Positive Families provides the education and resources that help families raise sexually healthy children. Workshops, videos, articles, podcasts, and online courses for families and educators

Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators are smart and engaging professionals providing safe, inclusive and current information to children, teens and parents. With over thirty years combined teaching experience, they achieve a perfect balance of tackling serious topics in a way that is youthful, fun and lighthearted. They provide workshops for youth and for parents, talking tips and downloadable resources

You know that talking with your kids about sex and growing up is important, but it’s tempting to put it off. The reality is that these conversations can’t wait. AMAZE videos are here to help you break the ice and start these critical conversations so that your kids get the accurate information they need.

Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. Your trusteed guide for a fast changing world

Every child should experience a healthy, happy childhood, free from sexual abuse and exploitation. Power Up offers effective and customized sexual health tutorials and workshops designed to provide a FUN and RELAXED atmosphere where parents, educators and kids can increase their knowledge, motivation and skills to achieve optimal sexual health.

Askable Parents offers inclusive and comprehensive sexual health education workshops for young people and for families. They provide private consultations for parents and caregivers to support you to talk with your own children about these important topics. They provide guidance for parents to better understand the sexual health education being taught at your children's schools.

Sarah Sproule supports parents and other caring adults to stay connected to their growing kids by having conversations about bodies, sex of all types, and consent. I specifically support adults who now realize they've had difficult experiences in their past and are struggling to get past their nervous system that is telling them talking to kids about sex and related topics is too dangerous to do.

Amy Lang is on a mission to help every kid grow up to be a whole and healthy adult! She does this by helping grown-ups just like you learn how to talk about sexuality. Resources, online cources, podcast etc

Always offers free puberty education materials for parents & carers.  Puberty is a big milestone for you and your child. By talking openly about the changes they are experiencing and being ready to answer their questions you will provide them with the support and help they need to build their confidence.

If you would like to see better sexual health education for all students, sign up here to get info on sex ed advocacy.