Myths and Facts about Sex & Pregnancy

Answer Key


__T__1. Both marijuana (weed) and Mountain Dew lower sperm count in men.

False: Marijuana does lower a man’s testosterone which can have an affect on sex drive, but does not affect a man’s ability to get someone pregnant.  MDew: This myth has been around for years, including different foods and drinks including Kool-Aid. Yellow #5 is a food coloring, not a spermicide.

__F__2. Blue Waffle is the newest STD.

False: Blue waffle is a hoax.  There are many faked pictures of blue vaginas, which is what is supposed to happen to women who have sex too much, but is simply a sexist hoax attempting to play on people’s fear of STDs and of vaginas.  Completely fake but often repeated.

__T__3. It’s possible to get pregnant the first time.

True: any time a heterosexual couple has unprotected intercourse, there is a possibility of pregnancy (be aware that many young people do not use protection because they believe that they are infertile, based on past luck in avoiding pregnancy. This is unlikely; they should not continue to gamble if they are intending a pregnancy)

__F__4.  She has to be 16 or older to get birth control or get a pregnancy test.

False: there is no age-limit on reproductive health, and even if someone doesn’t feel that they can talk to their parents/caregivers, it is still their responsibility to get appropriate health care.  Explain Age of Consent law in your state.

__T__5. Masturbation is considered healthy and normal in males and females

True: Masturbation is considered a safe method of relaxation

__T__6. Smoking cigarettes makes your penis smaller.

Smoking cigarettes reduces circulation and is a vaso-constrictor (makes the blood carrying arteries smaller), which can effect erection size and quality.  (may need to explain how an erection works = blood flow)

__F__7. Birth Control Pills make it harder to get pregnant in the future.

False: BCPS only work when a woman is taking them, and wear off very quickly, which is why by missing only 1 or 2 pills, they can fail.

__F__8. If a woman wants a miscarriage, she could drink/drug a lot to cause one.

False: A fetus is very well protected inside the uterus, anything that was severe enough to end the pregnancy, might also kill the woman.  Drugs and alcohol will typically harm the fetus or cause brain damage.  The only safer way to end a pregnancy is with a medical or surgical abortion.

__F__9.  Drinking Malta can prevent pregnancy.

False: This is a myth more familiar to Latinas. Malta does nothing to pregnancy, and should not be used to try to prevent one.

__F__10. If a female uses the bathroom right after sex, she can pee out the sperm to avoid pregnancy.

False: A female pees out of her urethra, not her vagina.  Does not effect pregnancy at all.

__T__11. There is an under-the-skin birth control that prevents pregnancy for 3 years.

True: Implanon is a method, inserted in a doctor’s office or clinic, which releases hormones, like birth control pill hormones, for up to 3 years.

__T__12. Statistically, 50% of teenagers will get an STD

True: Primarily Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.  STDs are very common, so people should always use protection, but if they contract one, it’s not the end of the world.  Get medical care.

__T__13. Condoms are a reliable method of preventing pregnancy and STDs.

True: Condoms are 98% effective and are therefore the most effective protection, besides abstinence, against both pregnancy and STDs.