Partners in Sex Education has been providing comprehensive sexuality education since 2006.  We bring our programs, taught by skilled educators, to your classroom or facility with the goal of bringing a quality comprehensive sexuality education to your youth.  Our curricula are designed to involve families in the education of their children, and to support communication about sexuality and relationships at home.  We arm youth with age and stage appropriate facts through games, role plays, and interactive thought provoking conversations so that they are able to make educated, healthy choices as they navigate through puberty into adulthood.

We offer two tried-and-true curricula: Walk the Talk for high school, and Transitions for Middle School.  We also specialize in creating and adapting lesson plans to address specific issues at individual sites.

We offer:

  • An interactive parent meeting
  • Opportunities for continued dialog through student/parent homework.
  • Cost effective custom programming
  • Effective sex education with up-to-date factual information 

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