We at Partners in Sex Education strongly believe that in addition to being the primary sex educators of their children, parents are also the primary source for their children’s values.  Committed to this idea, we do not teach sexual values – we believe that this is the role of the parent.  Certainly teaching comprehensive sex education, as opposed to abstinence-only education, in itself implies a type of value.  In the case of Partners in Sex Education, it is an educational value – we place a premium on education and information.  We believe that all students have a right to age-appropriate information about their bodies, about healthy and unhealthy relationships, about reproduction, and about how to keep themselves safe.  Our curriculum is primarily science based; its effectiveness is supported by current research (see Emerging Answers 2007 by Douglas Kirby).  We hope that by introducing sexuality and sexual health in the classroom, we can encourage and support conversations about these topics in the home.  Parents and caregivers can choose to discuss their family’s values about sexuality and sexual relationships, in addition to information about sexual health.

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